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Moving the TSE to a new computer

  1. First download Lodgit Desk on the new computer and then the driver for the TSE USB stick.
  2. Remove the TSE USB stick from the old computer and connect it to the new computer.
  3. Then go to the settings > KassenSichV TSE and deactivate the interface.
    Deactivating the interface unlocks the “Security key” field. Please enter the original security key “EPSONKEY” there and then click on “Activate”.
  4. After that you can go to Administration > Additional modules > KassenSichV TSE and open the expert mode there.
    There, go to the admin functions and below that to “Security key of the TSE”. There you can now re-enter your own security key that you had assigned yourself during initialisation.
  5. Confirm the process by clicking the “Run” button. Your TSE is now ready for use again.