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Database server and license data update

You work with the database server and when you restart Lodgit Desk, your computer always”forgets” the license. You will be notified that you do not have a license to work with the server version.

You can probably fix the problem with a few simple steps. You only need to update your license data once in local and once in database server mode.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Launch Lodgit Desk
  2. Activate Lodgit Desk in local mode via the dialog “Software Activation” 
    (file > software activation > enter license data and click the button “update license data”).
  3. Then connect Lodgit Desk to the CubeSQL server
  4. Activate Lodgit Desk a second time (now in database server mode) via the “Software Activation” dialog.

Now you have updated the license data in both local and server mode and the problem should no longer occur.