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Synchronise Extra Items

You have the option of making as many of your extra items created in Lodgit Desk available online. Interested guests can book these directly.

To do this, first go to Administration > Extras and packages > Packages. Here you first create a corresponding package for each extra item and/or extra item combination that you would like to offer online.

Please note that only packages are available online. A package can therefore only consist of one extra item.

Tip: For any changes to appear in the OBS you have to sync Lodgit desk > File > Synchronize.

1. Including Extra Item Packages

In our example, the extra item has been added to the “Bike Rental” package. Under Package Options you can now specify that the package is included in the price (by choosing the middle option: ‘beneath Accommodation’):

Tip: In the case of packages with several extra items, it is advisable to also print out the name of the package in offers, as this will then also be displayed in the online booking system.

Now go to Administration > Objects and Rental Units > Rental Units. Open the rental unit to which Breakfast can be added online by double-clicking and then go to the Extra Item Packages area. Place a tick next to the extra item. The Breakfast is now automatically added to the accommodation service using the settings from the package management.

For your guests, it looks like this during the booking process (German image displayed):

And this is how it looks in the checkout window (German image);

You can also automatically add extra items for the booking module. Then, in contrast to the inclusive item, the price for the total duration appears in the shopping basket on the left. Your guests cannot deselect this extra item.

For configuration, click on the options bookable and automatic under Object management > Rental units > Extra item packages.

On the Booking page the option now looks like this (German image):

2. Freely Selectable Extra Item Packages

Extra items can also be configured so that they are freely selectable. First create another extra item package under Administration > Objects and Rentable Units. Then go to Object Management > Rental Units and double click on the room name you wish to edit, then in the next window that opens, click ‘Extras / Packages‘, then choose the column ‘Bookable Online‘. Choose the options between bookable and optional, depending how you’d like it set up. If you wish, you can enter up to a possible number (1-10) of bookable extra items in the column. Create a meaningful selection group whose name will then be displayed during the checkout process.

In the booking process, the selection for your guests then looks like this (German image):

3. Extra Item Packages with Alternative Selection

You can also offer several extra item packages to choose from. For example, your guests can then choose a certain breakfast set during the booking. To do this, you must create so-called “selection groups” under Object management > Rental units > Extra item packages. Attention, the name for this selection group is visible for guests. All alternatives of a certain extra item type (e.g. breakfast) must be part of this selection group.

This allows you to put different catering options (breakfast, half board and full board) or transfer options (from the airport, from the train station and from the port) into a selection group and your guests then choose the preferred option accordingly (German image below).

In the booking process, the selection for your guests then looks like this (German image):