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Additional module Hotel Locking Systems

With SALTO® electronic locking systems, Lodgit Desk can handle the coding of guest media (keys, cards) and send a mobile key for opening to the guest’s mobile phone. We therefore offer you the optional use of an interface to SALTO locking systems within the additional module “Hotel Locking Systems” for Lodgit Desk. The module can be purchased for a one-time license fee.

Unlock additional module “Hotel Locking Systems”

To unlock the additional module, go to Administration > Additional Modules > Salto Hotel Locking System

Please press “Purchase License Now” which will then forward you to the customer log-in area.

This is where you can access your personal area within the Lodgit website. You can do so by logging in with your personal username and password that you received when you registered for a Lodgit Desk user license.

After you have logged in, open the page “Additional Modules” where you should press the button “Apply” next to “Hotel Locking Systems”. After that, you will receive a new license key from us that also unlocks the additional module.

The additional module hotel locking system currently supports the connection to the following systems:

SALTOConnection to the Salto hotel locking system
HäfeleConnection to the Häfele hotel locking system