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Manage confirmations

To view all confirmations you have created, simply go to Administration > Archives > Confirmations. You can also press the button Archives in the main window.

Confirmations will show you all printed/sent confirmations. You can filter the list by a time frame (for this you can sort the confirmations by their date, their validity or the date for their return confirmation), by certain objectsor by selected status.

bezahltValidWhenever a confirmation is created, it automatically receives the status Valid.
InvalidConfirmations that have expired or become void receive the status Invalid.

You can sort the list by its columns by clicking on the column header. Click once and the entries of the list will be sorted descending. Click again and the list will be sorted ascending.

Double-click on the confirmation to view it again.

Using the Actions menu aktionsmenue of the list, you can switch to the booking window of the booking linked to that confirmation. You can also print the confirmation again.

You can also print the entire list, by pressing the button “Print”. A print preview can be done by pressing on the button “Preview”. You can also export the list as CSV or Excel files by pressing the “Export” button.

Print / save confirmations again

Right-click on a confirmation in the archive to print it, save it as a PDF or send it as an email with a PDF attachment. You can select a different letter layout than the one you used originally and you can define whether to print a return confirmation (or print JUST the return confirmation).