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Create, rename and delete agents and their commission

In Lodgit Desk, you can create agents (people, companies, etc.) that have sent guests to you and therefor deserve a commission. You can then view an analysis of the revenue that those agents have created for you (including the commission percentage and the amount you have to pay them).

To add a new agent you can use the Agent Management which can be found by going to Administration > Agent Commission.

To add a new agent click on the plus symbol in the list. This will let you create a new entry.

To rename an existing agent double-click on their name.

To delete an agent press the minus symbol at the far left of the list entry. If there is a lock symbol instead of the minus, the agent cannot be deleted because they are linked to bookings.

Please add a percentage for each agent because otherwise it’s not possible for Lodgit Desk to calculate their commission. You can view the Agent Statistics to see the revenue created by agents, their commission and the number of bookings they have brought to you.

The Online Booking System has already been added as an agent. It will be used to analyse all bookings that came in through the Online Booking System.