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Additional Module “Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking”

If you own a valid Lodgit Desk license, you can also apply for the additional module “Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking” so that you can:

  • use any computer or smart phone to view the online booking calendar (which is always updated thanks to the synchronisation feature in Lodgit Desk),
  • integrate the online booking calendar into your website using a code snippet (iframe),
  • create bookings yourself (online Owner-Booking) and send these automatically to Lodgit Desk.

The additional module can be booked online for any number of rentable units along with the Lodgit Desk license. If you already own a Lodgit Desk license, you can later book the module as well.

After it has been activated, you can then use the module “Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking” via your SSL protected personal login area on the Lodgit Website.