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Add child discount

The number of children can be linked to the different child discounts that you have specified in the Object Management.

1. Open the booking window of the booking that you want to edit.

2. Go to the list item Services > Accommodation.

percentage child discount can only be used, when the price of the unit depends on the number of guests staying in it (e.g. per night/person).

3. You can add the amount of children for each discount level by using the arrow next to it and selecting the number from the drop down menu.
You can also use the Actions menu item “Apply child discounts” to automatically fill out the discounts: This will use the birth dates of the guest you have listed within the booking to determine the number of children in each category.

The number of the children for each discount level combined cannot exceed the number of guests specified in the upper left are of the booking window.

If you want to give a child discount on a unit even when the price does not depend on the number of guests staying in it, you can add the child discount as an extra with a negative amount.