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Definition Of Accommodation Types

Lodgit Desk uses a list of accommodation types that were defined by the German Tourism Association (DTV), the German Hotel Association (DEHOGA) and the German Spas Association (DHV).

Accommodation types

All-Suite Hotel
This type of hotel offers accommodation only in suites.

Aparthotel / Apartmenthotel
This type of hotel offer accommodations in studios or apartments.

A farm is a place where agricultural and similar activities take place, especially the growing of crops or the raising of livestock.

Boarding House
A boarding house is an accommodation service (usually in the rural areas) that will allow accommodation for a longer period of time. The service can go from minimal to full room service.

Renting out holiday apartments or homes
See Holiday apartments / homes

An inn is usually a lodging establishment that offers accommodations as well as food and drink.

See Lodging House.

A hotel is a lodging establishment that offers a front desk, services, daily cleaning services, other establishments and at least one restaurant for guests and passers-by. A hotel should have more than 20 rooms.

Hotel Garni
A Hotel Garni is a hotel that offers accommodation, breakfast, drinks and serves only snacks and small dishes.

Youth Hostel
A youth hostel offers short accommodation for mostly young people. Food and drink is offered to guests only. Youth hostels also offer programs and activities for educational or recreational purposes.

This is a lodging establishment in a health resort or a therapeutic place. It is oriented towards the guests of this resort.

Spa Hotel
This is a lodging establishment in a health resort or a therapeutic place. It is oriented towards the guests of this resort. It also offers its own therapies and treatments.

Wellness Clinic
A wellness clinic is a lodging establishment with a hospital character. It’s under medical management and offers ongoing medical care. Usually, local remedies are used for therapies and the establishment meets the typical requirements such as accessibility and food supply, as well as patient needs.

A motel is oriented towards drivers that look for lodging. It usually has a close-by parking area.

Lodging House
This is a lodging establishment that offers accommodation for more than one night and food is offered to guests.

Camp Ground
A camp ground is a fenced area that allows camping, i.e. the stay with tents, caravans or motorhomes. It is often managed by a private owner.

Renting out private rooms / lodgings
See Private rooms / lodgings

Source: Deutscher Tourismusverband e.V. (DTV)