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Below you’ll find a list of key combinations that can make working with Lodgit Desk easier and faster.


Shift key
Ctrl key˄
Command key / Apple keyCMD
Enter key / return key
ActionWindowsMac OS X
Open the Help fileF1Help
Open the Preferences˄ ,CMD ,
Quit software˄ QCMD Q
Open database folder˄ ⇑ OCMD ⇑ O
Save reservation schedule as image˄ SCMD S
Print reservation schedule˄ PCMD P
Main window: hide or show sidebar˄ LCMD L
Main window: hide or show booking list˄ ⇑ LCMD ⇑ L
Use “Select” mode (reservation schedule)aa
Use “Draw” mode (reservation schedule)ee
Use “Split” mode (reservation schedule)tt
Use the next mode („Select“ → „Draw“ → „Split“ → „Select“)in the reservation scheduleSpace Bar
Create new booking (reservation schedule)˄ NCMD N
Duplicate selected booking (reservation schedule)˄ DCMD D
Open selected booking (reservation schedule)˄ O or ↵CMD O or ↵
Delete selected booking (reservation schedule)⇐ or ⇒
Reservation schedule: center current date˄ TCMD T
Go to a certain date in the reservation schedule˄ GCMD G
Reservation schedule: next month˄ →CMD →
Reservation schedule: previous month˄ ←CMD ←
Reservation schedule: next year˄ ⇑ →⇑ CMD →
Reservation schedule: previous year˄ ⇑ ←⇑ CMD ←
Select several bookings in the reservation scheduleHold down ⇑-key and then click on the bookings you want to select
Open Object Management⇑ Alt M˄ ⇑ M
Open Guest Management⇑ Alt G˄ ⇑ G
Open Price Administration⇑ Alt P˄ ⇑ P
Open Lodging Statistics⇑ Alt S˄ ⇑ S
Open Check In List⇑ Alt I˄ ⇑ I
Open Check Out List⇑ Alt O˄ ⇑ O
Open List of E-Registration Forms⇑ Alt R˄ ⇑ R
Open Extras List⇑ Alt E˄ ⇑ E
Open Cleaning List⇑ Alt C˄ ⇑ C
Open Offer Arches (Correspondence)⇑ Alt A˄ ⇑ A
Open Extras Management⇑ Alt X˄ ⇑ X
Open Package Management⇑ Alt Z˄ ⇑ Z
Open Cashbook⇑ Alt K˄ ⇑ K
Open Financial Reports⇑ Alt T˄ ⇑ T
Duplicate selected prices (Price Administration)˄ D˄ D
Duplicate selected prices and add a year (Price Administration)˄ ⇑ D˄ ⇑ D
Delete the selected cashbook entry (no invoices)⇐ or ⇒
Go to search area in the booking list (reservation schedule)˄ FCMD F
Go to search area (Guest Management)˄ FCMD F
Fix booking or remove fixation⇑ CTRL F⇑ CMD F