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Cancel invoices

If you want to cancel an invoice you can do so by going to the Archives > Invoices, or in the booking window under Correspondence > Invoices.

Open cash invoices cannot be cancelled because this would result in problems with the cashbook. To cancel such an invoice, either set the status to “paid” or change the payment method.

1. Select the invoice that you want to cancel in the list and go to the Actions menu aktionsmenue (or the context menu) to select the item “Cancel Invoice” or “Cancel Invoice and Send Letter”.

2. If you select “Cancel Invoice” the invoice will be canceled and the revenue listed for it will be balanced by an offset.

Alternative: Cancel Invoice and Send Letter

3. If you have selected “Cancel Invoice and Send Letter”, the window “Credit Note” will open which allows you to create a corrective invoice. You can edit the texts that are to be printed on the credit if necessary. The original text templates can be edited under Administration > Texts.

4. Select a payment method for the corrective invoice:

The credit text will change depending on the payment method you select. 
If the guest has not yet paid the invoice, you can select “Cancelled: invoice unpaid”!

If you select the option Email with PDF, the following window will open:

Here you can add recipients to the email, edit the email text and preview the PDF file. Once you’re finished press “Send to email program” or “Send”. If you want to cancel the process, press Cancel.