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Preferences for country address formats

You can define several address formats depending on the country that is saved in the profile of the guest. These formats will be used automatically when you create a new correspondence (lettersoffersconfirmations and invoices).

To edit the default address formats and add formats for each country, go to Preferences and then select Address Formats.

1. Clicking the plus icon symbol will let you create a new address format. Clicking the minus icon next to an existing format will delete it!

2. Clicking the triangle will let you select the country that this address format will correspond to. Every new format will automatically add the default placeholders that you can then edit.

3. If you edit the default address format or any other format, you can preview your changes in the example address at the bottom.

Changing the address format:

You can edit the address format by moving the placeholders and adding new placeholders.

To add a placeholder, click into the left field to where you want to add it and then double-click on the placeholder in the list to the right. You can also type the placeholders into the left field manually.

Format placeholders:

[LF1] = line break (always):this will always add a line break; it does not matter whether there will be text added in the placeholder before the break or not (ex.: STREET2 is often an empty field).
[LF2] = line break (dependant):this will only add a line break if there is a text added in the placeholder before it
[[Placeholder]] = capitalisedthis will capitalise the text for this placeholder

You can only create empty rows using [LF1].

 Address formats for guests:

You can create an individual address format for a guest in their profile.