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Datenbankserver: Database malformed

Lodgit Desk runs with the database server and it displays an error message that the database is malformed.

The following uses may cause the database to display the error “Database malformed” or “Database is locked”. These errors are an indicator that the database is corrupted, leading to data loss.

ATTENTION: This error can occur, for example, if …

… an instance of Lodgit Desk is connected to the database file via the database server CubeSQL and another instance of Lodgit Desk accesses the same database file directly.
… at least two different CubeSQL database servers can access the same database file simultaneously.
… at least two different instances of Lodgit Desk can access the same database file directly, without CubeSQL.
… another program accesses the same database file simultaneously or in addition to Lodgit Desk.

The above examples can also cause lead to: Database is locked

Before using an (obsolete) backup version of the database, you should first exclude other possible error sources:

  1. Please rename your local database. Then try to open Lodgit.
  2. If you still cannot access your database, make sure that Lodgit Desk is really closed on every computer. Open the CubeSQLAdmin and go to Database. Backup your TEST database by clicking on the test database and then selecting>Server in the menu bar at the top and then>Download Database . Save your test database. Please make sure that your test database is still selected and then delete it in the admin tool by clicking the button>drop.
  3. If this also did not help, please check if the server database is entered as a local path in your lodgit.
  4. Only if none of the previous 3  steps was successful, try to restore your database (to an older version) via your created backups.