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Text Management

In Administration > Texts you can adjust all printable texts to your needs and create new language sets for your international clients.

Lodgit Desk allows for two methods on how to do that:

  1. You can edit the text elements within Lodgit Desk.
  2. You can export the text elements and then edit them with the free tool Lodgit Desk Lingua.

… in Lodgit Desk

Within the Text Management (Administration > Texts) you can find all the text elements that will be printed out in a table:

You can edit the texts in the column on the right as you like. The texts in the left column are there to help you identify where the text element will be shown and what it says.

You can find more information (e.g. how to add a new language set) here.

… with the tool Lodgit Desk Lingua

Click the cogwheel symbol in the lower left corner of the Text Management to open the Actions menu:

With the action Export Texts you can export all text elements into a new file which you can then edit with the free tool Lodgit Desk Lingua. This method is best when you want to add a completely new language set (e.g. Spanish) because this allows you to search for certain elements.

You can find more information (e.g. where you can download the tool) here.