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User Management

lodgit Desk User Management

User Management in Lodgit Desk

With the User Administration module you have the possibility to define the access rights of your staff to Lodgit Desk. This is especially useful if several employees with different work areas have access to our software, e.g. management, reception, housekeeping, etc.

As a system administrator, you can assign individual logins and set different roles and rights for your staff in Lodgit Desk. Protect sensitive program areas and establish well-defined workspaces. For example, set individual rights for the following cases:

  • Invoice creation and cancellation
  • Change of lodging rates and room data
  • Carrying out the accounting export
  • Access to evaluations and financial reports
  • Changing the backup folder and much more

User Examples

With four short examples, we’d like to illustrate the advantages of our user management module. All functions and actions in these examples can of course be customised by you:

  • The hotel manager has full access to all areas in Lodgit Desk.
  • The receptionist has access to guest data, rooms and bookings to fulfill all activities and procedures in contact with your guests. However, they cannot for example, change prices for rental units or the letter layout.
  • The cleaning staff have very limited access to Lodgit Desk, they can only set the cleaning status in the occupancy schedule or view and download the cleaning list.
  • An auditor, for example, can view all data in Lodgit Desk as part of an audit of your operation (read access), but is not authorised to enter or change data (no write access).
Account settings
Account settings
User management
User management
User roles
User roles

The User Management module can be added to your existing license for a small monthly fee in our Online-Shop. If you’d like to learn more about this add-on module, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.