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Price Administration

Set dynamic hotel rates easily

Set Prices Depending on Duration & Guest Numbers

Lodgit Desk’s price management gives you the ability of dynamic pricing for user-specified time periods.

This way you can easily set up seasonal prices, trade fair prices, holiday offers, Christmas specials, etc.

Price management can be made to entire unit categories (single rooms, double rooms, apartments, etc) as well as for individual rental units. Furthermore, you can implement occupancy-based dynamic pricing (the amount of guests changes the room price) or flexible rate plans determined by lengths of stay.

Example A: Holiday Apartments

As the owner of a number of vacation apartments of various sizes, you can define prices for each apartment individually for the high and low season. You can also create price variants depending on the occupancy (up to 3 personss, up to 5 persons, etc). You can also define surcharges for short stays or discounts for regular guests directly in the price management.

Lodgit Desk automatically detects the occupancy during booking and calculates the correct seasonal price or the price depending on the rental period. This makes quoting and invoicing extremely easy. Season changes within a booking are automatically detected and correctly calculated with split periods.

Example B: Guest House

As the owner of a guest house located in a trade fair city, you rent out 10 single and 20 double rooms. Due to the timing of a trade fair, you can change prices for your single and/or your double rooms.

Lodgit Desk will automatically take these prices into account when generating offers and invoices.

Tip: All data records in the price management can be duplicated year by year using the context menu command (right mouse button), which significantly speeds up the creation of new seasonal prices!

View basic rates in the Object Management.
Add, view and manage category prices.
Add, view and manage category prices.
Add, view and manage category prices.
Add, view and manage category prices.