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Module: Cash Transaction Security

Interface: Required electronic recording for Germany and Austria

Settling cash transactions securely in Germany & Austria

Germany: KassenSichV 2020 & TSE


The “Interface: Kassensicherung” contains the module “KassenSichV 2020 & TSE”, which is required by all Lodgit users in Germany along with a technical security device (TSE) certified by the BSI, if they are theoretically able to settle sales with cash payments.

From 01.10.2020, due to the Cash Security Ordinance law 2020, Lodgit Desk hotel software, if used in Germany, must be equipped with a certified technical security device (TSE). The TSE records all business transactions that can produce cash turnover and signs these records cryptographically. It then makes this signature available for your receipts (in Lodgit Desk also as a QR code).

Via the interface, Lodgit Desk (from version 2.4.1) sends data from all business transactions (bookings) to the TSE. You can then give your guests an invoice or a payment receipt on which the TSE signature is printed (also as a QR code).

Note: For the operation of a Technical Security Device / TSE from Epson in Lodgit hotel software, the additional module “Interface: Fiscalisation (DE: KassenSichV, AT: RKSV)” is required, which you can order here in addition to your license.

Austria: Kassa Austria RKSV


The “Interface: Kassensicherung” includes the module “Kassa Austria RKSV” which, together with the associated cbird cash register system on a USB stick, is required by all Lodgit users in Austria if they have cash sales (including ATM, credit card and other payments made on site) of more than EUR 7500 per year and want to settle these with Lodgit Desk.

The cbird stick is a cash register software on a USB stick. Via the interface, Lodgit Desk (from version 1.15.8) sends all invoice and cancellation data to the stick. There, the sales are additionally recorded and properly archived. So in addition to the invoice created in Lodgit, you give your guests a receipt, which from 2017 will also contain the mandatory QR code. The smartcard required for encryption from 2017 is easily used by cbird via common smartcard readers.

With this interface to cbird, you ensure that your business meets the requirements of the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV), which has been in force since January 2016. The new law requires an external backup of cash register data on a second storage medium every three months. cbird automatically fulfils this requirement for you: the data is saved on the stick and simultaneously on the hard disk of your computer or laptop every time a change is made. For the changeover to the mandatory electronic signature from 1 January 2017, cbird promises a free software update. cbird can be easily combined with smartcard readers.

Barzahlungen mit zertifizierter TSE nach KassenSichV in Hotelsoftware absichern
Securing cash payments in hotel software with the certified TSE (in accordance with KassenSichV)
RKSV-konforme Registrierkasse cbird
RKSV-compliant cash register cbird

We strongly advise all German and Austrian Lodgit users to purchase this module “Interface: Fiscalisation (DE: KassenSichV; AT: RKSV)” via our webshop.

It’s not currently possible to order the cbird point-of-sales (POS) software on a USB stick via our webshop at this time. Please order it directly via

Tip for users in Austria: For this purchase/acquisition you can apply for a premium of 200 euros with your annual tax return using the supplementary form E 108c. In addition, there is unlimited tax deductibility of the costs in the year of purchase.