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Rentable Units

Clear and simple property management

Hotel software for multiple properties

With Lodgit Desk Hotel Software, you can easily manage your facilities. In the property management section you create your rooms, beds, vacation apartments etc. Of course, you decide what each rental unit is made up of.

A youth hostel may create a few beds, single and double rooms, while a hotel only creates several rooms and a landlord of holiday apartments creates apartments. You can also create your own rental unit types and thus adapt Lodgit Desk to your individual needs.

Objects – One, Two, Many?

An object in Lodgit Desk is made up of several accommodations that are billed together and share the same invoice number range, mail template etc, i.e. your hotel, your youth hostel, your campsite. A special feature of Lodgit Desk is that you can easily create and manage multiple objects;

  • Manage several properties,
  • Evaluate units statistics separately
  • To subdivide the management of rooms in your hotel and vacation homes
  • To separate the rental of your own accommodations from those you manage for other owners
  • Manage separate distribution channels (channel manager)
  • And many more!
View of all rentable units in an object
View of all rentable units in an object

For each object you define the basic settings separately. These include:

  • Address of the house or the company address
  • General facilities (e.g. bike rental, pool area, bar, fitness room, etc)
  • Arrival and departure time window
  • Percentage discounts for children
  • Number ranges for offers, confirmations and invoices
  • Input equipment features
  • Standard letter layout for any correspondence (previously created in the settings)
Edit a rentable unit

Rental units – beds, rooms, apartments?

A “rental unit” is always the smallest rented unit. So if your double room is already “full” even with single occupancy (i.e. you would not rent out the second bed in addition), then the room is your rental unit.

This is different for dormitories: there, single beds or berths are rented out, so here the bed is considered a rental unit. You can create different rental unit types in each object, including your own, to specifically reflect your individual operation.

For each rental unit, you define the basic settings separately. These include:

  • Object classification
  • Name and type of the rental unit
  • Size, number of beds and basic price
  • Individual color in the occupancy calendar
  • Smoking/non-smoking
  • Individual equipment (e.g. bathroom on floor, fly screen, grill etc)
  • Cleaning interval, incl. change of linen and towels
  • Brief description
  • Automatically added extra item packages, e.g. breakfast
  • Statistical settings for occupancy evaluation
Managing Objects
Managing Objects
Extras: Add child discount to an object

Customised Just For You

Set up your rooms, beds, vacation homes, parking spaces, tent areas etc… the way you need them.

If the default types are not enough, Lodgit Desk lets you to create your own “rental unit types”. This way the booking calendar reflects exactly your individual needs.