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Cancelling online bookings

Unlike bookings that you have created in Lodgit Desk yourself, you cannot simply delete an online booking. Instead, you will have to let the Online Booking System know which bookings are to be deleted before you can remove them from the reservation schedule entirely.

If you want to cancel an online booking you have to:

1. Select the booking you want to delete in the reservation schedule and then go to “Bookings > Delete Booking…”. The following message will appear:

If you confirm the deleting of the booking, the online booking will first be marked as “to be cancelled”:

2. All bookings that are marked as “to be canceled” will be sent to the Lodgit Online Booking System during the next synchronisation.

3. During the next synchronisation after that, the Online Booking System will confirm the cancellation of the bookings. The bookings in question will receive the status “Cancelled Online Booking”. The color of this status can be defined in the Preferences under “Reservation Schedule > Colors”.

4. Now, you can delete the bookings as usual.

When you delete an online booking that has been split because of a move, you can delete all the parts as usual. After you have deleted ALL the parts of that booking, the Online Booking System will be told to cancel them during the next synchronisation. This could have an effect on the booking commission.