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Create and delete objects

Create object

1. Open the Object Management.

2. Go to the lower left corner of this window and press the plus button underneath the object list which will open the Object Details.

3. In the Profile area you can enter the object’s information.

4. After you are done, press Save. This will close the window for the Objects and the window for the Object Management will be shown again. In this window, your object is still selected and the information about it are shown in the right area of the window.

5. Close the Object Management. The reservation schedule in the main window will be shown now. This is where you can see all your created objects with their rentable units.

Delete object

1. Open the Object Management by going to the menu bar item Administration > Objects and Rentable Units.

2. Go to Objects.

3. Select the object that you want to delete and then press the minus button.

You can only delete objects if there are no current or future bookings listed in any of its units.