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Settings for the Lodgit Online Booking System

The Lodgit Desk Online Booking System allows you to set a minimum number of booked days for your online bookings or even allow only certain week days for arrivals and departures.

Go to Administration > Synchronisation and Channel Manager and go to the tab Lodgit to define these settings:

Minimum booking duration

Select the minimum booking duration in days as well as a time frame for when this doesn’t apply anymore.

This way you can allow last minute bookers to stay less than the required minimum duration if the book only, e.g. 5 days in advance.

Example: Minimum booking duration 3 days. arrival only available on Mondays and Thursdays

Please note that these settings are object specific!

Arrival and departure days

Select the days for which arrival and departure are available. You can also define a time frame for when this setting doesn’t apply anymore.

Example: Arrival only available on Mondays and Thursdays

Disabled (blocked) time frames

In the tab Blocked Time Frames you can set up certain times during which all or single units cannot be booked online through the Online Booking System (e.g. because you sold that allotment to an agent or are going on vacation yourself).

Units will be listed as occupied in the Booking Calendar online during that time.