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Create and delete rentable units

Add rentable unit

1. Open the Object Management.

2. In the Object Management go to the Rentable Units. This will show all the rentable units.

3. To add a new rentable unit, go to the left lower corner and click the plus button (below the unit list).

You can duplicate rentable units. If you have a lot of units that are almost identical it is recommended to create one rentable unit entirely and then Duplicating it (by using the context menu). This will save time.

4. In the Profile, select the Object, the Unit Type, the tax rate, the Price Unit and the Status. Add the Rate, the Number of Beds and the Total Size.

The number of beds shows the minimum and maximum occupancy of this unit and will be shown in the reservation schedule next to the rentable unit. Please note that the number of beds may not be lower than 1, no matter which type of unit you’re creating.

If smoking is not allowed in this unit, check the box that says Non-Smoking.

If the unit still needs to be cleaned, uncheck the box that says Cleaned.

If you haven’t entered anything in the field for the title and the ID, the program will make a suggestion based on the object’s ID and the unit type. You can edit those at any time. Please make sure to add a number behind the title and ID of units of the same type (e.g. C-WL:SB1, C-WL:SB2, etc.).

5. After you are done editing the rentable unit, press Save. This will close the window for the Rentable Unit and the window for the Object Management will be shown again. In this window, your rentable unit is still selected and the information about it are shown in the right area of the window.

6. Close the Object Management window. This will show the reservation schedule in the main window with the new and updated rentable units.

The prices that you have entered in the unit’s profile are base prices. In the Price Administration you can add seasonal prices very easily.

Delete rentable unit

1. Open the Object Management.

2. Go to the area Rentable Unit.

3. Select the unit that you want to delete and then press the button Löschen.

You can only delete units if it contains no bookings in the present or future.

Manage custom unit types

If the default unit types in Lodgit Desk are not enough for you, you can also add your own unit types.

1. Open the Object Management.

2. Go to the area Rentable Units.

3. Select the rentable unit for which you need a new unit type and open the window for the rentable unit by pressing the Editieren button.

4. In the drop down menu “Type”, select the item Manage customised unit types:

5. A new window will open where you can add new unit types by pressing the plus symbol, add a title for it, an ID and select a base type. If there is no base type that you will fits, you can select “Other”.