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Manage corrective invoices

Go to Administration > Archives > Corrective Invoices or press the symbol Archives and select the tab Corrective Invoice. Here you will find a list with all corrective invoices.

The different status of the corrective invoices are shown with symbols.

bezahltPaidThe corrective invoice was Paid.
offenOpenThe corrective invoice is Open. The invoice was cancelled but the money has not been refunded yet.
Unpaid InvoiceThe corrective invoice belongs to an Unpaid Invoice. No money will be refunded.

You can use the Actions menu aktionsmenue or the context menu (right-click) to do the following:

  • Open the booking window of the credit’s booking
  • Change status to “paid” or reset it to “open”
  • Edit the corrective invoice
  • Print the corrective invoice (optionally with preview) or save it as PDF

You can preview the corrective invoice by double-clicking on its entry in the list.

You can filter the list and only show entries during a selected time frame or only entries for a selected object, by using the drop down menus above the list.

You can also filter the list and only show invoices of a certain status. Simply select the status you want to show in the drop down menu above the list.

You can also print the entire list by pressing the “Print” button. You can preview the list by pressing the “Preview” button. You can also export the list as CSV or Excel files by pressing the “Export” button.

You can sort the list by its columns. Press the column header once to sort the list by that column in descending order. Press the column header again to sort the list by that column in ascending order.