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Vacancy List

You can easily find vacancies in a certain time frame using the vacancy list. You can find this window by going to Lists > Vacancy List.

If you have selected the option Occupancy Status, you will be shown the vacant and the occupied units during the selected time frame. Optionally, the list can show the number of beds and the short description of the rentable units.

The option Vacancies shows you all rentable units including the dates that they are vacant.

The option Occupied Time Frames shows you all rentable units with the dates that they are occupied during the time frame you have selected.

Number of Guests lists all arriving, departing and in-house guests for ever day during the time frame you have selected.

The Occupancy is a simple list that tells you how many units of the categories are vacant or occupied, depending on which option you selected.

You can also evaluate used Labels, e.g. to record the frequency of one or more labels.

These lists can be printed or exported as CSV files.