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GDPR Data Cleansing

With the GDPR data cleansing there is a possibility to delete data that does not necessarily have to remain stored in your Lodgit Desk database (e.g. for tax reasons).

Especially bank and credit card information from older channel manager- and online bookings can be deleted cleanly from your database.

Before running this function, make sure that you have an up-to-date backup of your database!

Before deleting, you can specify the period, booking status, and object for which you want to delete the data.

For many channel manager bookings, the credit card information was not transmitted as such but simply in the booking note, so it makes sense to delete the booking notes as well.

Guests who are not linked to a booking can be found in the guest administration in the automatic group interested parties. You should delete these at regular intervals. Guests that are linked to bookings must be archived for tax reasons.