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Cleaning List

Lodgit Desk provides you with a daily cleaning list that you can print and then give to your cleaning staff for reference.

You can generate the cleaning list for each object individually by selecting an object from the drop down menu instead of using “All Objects”. You can also select a date, week or month and certain booking status to use.

The cleaning status can be set to automatic cleaning intervals in Lodgit Desk. You can specify the cleaning interval individually for each rentable unit in the Object Management.

The basis for the cleaning list are the bookings within the reservation schedule and the cleaning interval set in the Object Management. By default, units that don’t need to be cleaned (because they are vacant or are currently on an “off” day) will not be shown in this list. You can manually display them, by selecting Vacant Units or Units that don’t need to be cleaned in the “Booking Status” drop down menu.

If the list is generated for a single day, details such as guest name, cleaning notes or arrival and departure can be shown or hidden. That way, you can decide for yourself, which information is necessary for your cleaning personnel. The number of guests is adjusted according the bookings in the reservation schedule. The only units listed are the ones that need to be cleaned according to the automatic schedule.

When the list is generated for a time frame (e.g. this week), no details will be printed out. Only rentable unit, cleaning time, number of beds of the unit and the type of cleaning are listed.

You can print this list by pressing the Print button. You can also Export the list as an Excel file and then save it on your computer. That file can then be edited by software such as Microsoft Excel 2007 and newer (Windows), iWorks Numbers (Macintosh) or OpenOffice (Windows, Macintosh).

After all rentable units have been cleaned you can change the cleaning status of each unit individually (or of all units in one object) in the reservation schedule by using the context menu of the cleaning column (right-click).

Double-clicking on an entry in the cleaning list will open the notes area of the booking window for this entry where you can enter information for your cleaning staff, such as “no down pillows”. You can also use the context menu to open that notes area.