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Navigate the calendar

Show current date

To show the current date in the reservation schedule go to View > Today, double-click on the calendar bar in the reservation schedule, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+T (Windows) or CMD+T (Mac) or click on the “Today” button on the right below the reservation schedule. The current date will be marked purple (by default) in the reservation schedule.

Go to date…

To show a certain date in the reservation schedule, go to View > Go To Date or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+G(Windows) or CMD+G (Macintosh). This will open the window “Go to…”.

Here you can pick a date from the calendar and then decide what to do by clicking on one of the following buttons:

Go To Date: updates the view of the reservation schedule to the selected date

Go To Calendar Week: shows the reservation schedule beginning with the first day of the week

Go To Month: shows the reservation schedule beginning with the first day of the month

Jump from month to month in a year

In the reservation schedule, you can jump from month to month in any year by clicking down on the calendar bar and dragging it from side to side. To speed up that process, press and hold the CTRL key. When you let go, the process will be stopped.

You can also use the buttons at the bottom of the reservation schedule, or use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Button:orCtrl (CMD)+right arrownext month
Button:orCtrl (CMD)+Shift+right arrownext year
Button:orCtrl (CMD)+left arrowprevious month
Button:orCtrl (CMD)+Shift+left arrowprevious year