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Menu: File

The menu bar item File contains general commands for the program Lodgit Desk.

Software Activation…

This is where you can enter your license information that allows you to use Lodgit Desk. The demo version of Lodgit Desk is limited to 30 days with a maximum of 30 guests allowed in your guest file.

If you have registered and received a personalised demo license, you can use the full program for 30 days.

Use Demo / Work Database

More information can be found under Use the demo or the work database.

Close Window

This will close the currently open window (such as a booking window, NOT the main window).

Open / Change Database Folder

You have the option of using a different database.

Create / Restore From Backup

This will let you create a backup from your current database.

With the menu item “Restore From Backup” you can replace your currently used database with a backup file you have previously created.


This allows you to synchronise your Lodgit Desk with the Lodgit Online Modules.

Save Reservation Schedule As Image File

You can save the current reservation schedule the way you see it as an image file on your computer.

Print Reservation Schedule

You can also print the image of your current reservation schedule.


This will quit the program.