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Print and PDF Options

In the Preferences (Lodgit Desk > Settings…) under Print/PDF you can define the basic settings for printing.

You can define here, how large the site margins will be as well as what font and which font size to use.
By default, the left margin is slightly wider than the right margin.
For the second page, you can optionally specify an additional distance between the header and the content.

PDF documents

Here you can specify the default folder in which PDF files created with Lodgit Desk should be saved on your computer. You can also choose the text encoding which will be used. Depending on your choice of font this may need to be changed.

For OpenTypeFonts select the text coding “cpUnicode”. For standard fonts, please use “UTF-8” by default.

EPOS / receipt printer

To set up the receipt printer, enter its IP address and port. For Epson printers, this is 8009 by default. After entering the data, click on “Test connection”. If the data was entered correctly and a connection can be established, a confirmation message is displayed. Otherwise, an error message appears and the data must be checked.

Currently, only Epson printers with a roll width of 80 mm are supported.

TSE signature (for invoices in Germany)

Specify here whether you want only the QR code of the German TSE fiscalisation signature to be printed on invoices or the complete signature including the text part. You can also set the desired size of the QR code.

Printing only a small QR code is the most inconspicuous way to place the TSE signature on your invoice.