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List of unpaid invoices

With Lodgit Desk, you can quickly take a look at all unpaid invoices. To do that, go to Administration > List of unpaid invoices. This will open a new window:

This lists all invoices that have the status “unpaid” in the system. You’ll find information about invoice date, invoice recipient, payment method, amount, time for payment as well as if and how long the time for payment was exceeded. You can also see if there was already a dunning notice created for the invoice and what the dunning level for this invoice is.

Underneath the list you can find a summary of the outstanding amounts: the total amount as well as the amounts listed by their dunning level.

With the context menu (right-click) you can:

– open the corresponding invoice
– set the invoice status to “paid”
– print the invoice (with or without preview as well as PDF files)
– downgrade the dunning level

You can also use this context menu to:

– hide and unhide an invoice
– show all hidden invoices

Hidden invoices will be ignored during a dunning run. You can use this feature for invoices that you know are ‘lost’ and cannot be retrieved any longer.