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Working with the TSE

Logging into the TSE

Every time you start Lodgit Desk, the login window of the TSE opens, where you have to enter your login data:

  • Enter your User PIN here, which you assigned yourself during the setup process.
  • After that, click on the OK button. Lodgit Desk now opens with the message “Reception (local) / TSE Status – OK” visible in the title bar and the TSE button is displayed in yellow:
TSE Button gelb

If you cancel the login process, do not enter your login data, or enter it incorrectly the TSE button will display a warning in red:

TSE rot

If you click on the red TSE button, the login window opens again and you now can enter your login data once more. After successful verification of the login data, the TSE is ready for use to fiscalize your invoices.

The login data will be requested again during the first transaction with the TSE. Without valid entry of the user PIN, no data is sent to the TSE (e.g. changes to a booking such as creating, moving or deleting).

Create Receipts

To print a receipt, go to “Print receipt …” in the action menu.

TSE Beleg erstellen Aktionsmenue

If you use a TSE in a receipt printer, you can also print receipts as long as no recipient has been added for the receipt.

Printing Invoices

Invoices are printed via your standard printer as before in the past. The receipt printer cannot print invoices with invoice recipients etc, but only receipts similar to cash register receipts.
When you preview the invoice, no data is sent to the TSE yet, but only when the invoice is saved or printed.
At this moment the TSE window will open, where you have to enter your login data.

Note: There is no obligation to re-fiscalize. If problems occur when sending data to the TSE and no data can be transmitted, you do not have to retry. However, you have the obligation to document the occurrence of problems and thus the non-sending of data to the TSE. Thus, you can explain gaps in the TSE’s records to the tax office in the event of an audit. The documentation must be done outside of Lodgit Desk. This is sufficient informally, as there are no specific forms or similar for this.


In the Administration > Correspondence window under “Invoices”, there is a column for TSE, titled TSE yes/no.

Test Databank

The test database is considered as a pure “training database”. Therefore, no data is sent to the TSE from the test database. Sending is done exclusively from the working database.