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Receiving and confirming online bookings

Each synchronisation will check for new online bookings and import them in your system. If possible, the booking will be added directly into the unit in the reservation schedule. All those newly added bookings will have the status “New Online Booking” so they’ll be easier to recognise. They are also automatically locked, so that they can’t accidentally be moved, shortened or extended. To move, shorten or extend such a booking, you can manually unlock it in the booking window.

If you don’t want to automatically lock new online bookings, you can turn this feature off under Administration > Synchronisation and Online Modules.

After you have synchronised your Lodgit Desk program with the Lodgit online modules, you should confirm newly received bookings by doing the following.

1. In the main window, open the booking list with the online bookings by going to View > Show Booking List.

At the bottom of the main window you will then see the Booking List with new online bookings. All new online bookings have the status “New Online Booking” and their default color is yellow.

2. If you want to check if a deposit should be paid for an online booking, open it by double-clicking on it. Within the booking window, go to the list item “Deposits”:

3. When you have received the deposit, enter the date of receipt under “Received On”.

If you have to do a debit or charge a credit card for the deposit, go to the list item “Online Booking”. There you will find the payment information you need.

You can delete the payment information after processing them to protect yourself and your guest from data thieves. Please note that deleting this information CANNOT be undone!

5. After that you can create a confirmation by pressing the button “Create Confirmation” and send it to the guest. The online booking will then automatically receive the booking status “Confirmed”.

Important: Your guest will only receive a binding booking confirmation when you create the confirmation in the way described above!