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Highlight blocked dates in the Lodgit Online system booking calendar

The Lodgit online systems feature four colours as standard:

Grey PastShows the past
RedOccupiedIndicates whether there is a booking in this period.
BlueLockedIndicates an unoccupied but locked period. Locked periods are defined independently of existing bookings in Lodgit Desk via ” Administration > Synchronisation and Online Modules > Lodgit > Disabled Time Frames “.
GreenFreeIn this period there is neither a booking nor a locked period defined. The rental unit can be booked.

To do this, go to Lodgit Online Systems > Settings > Occupancy Plan in your personal user area ( and use the URL from the red box. Make sure that the option “Do not highlight blocked periods” is deactivated before copying the URL.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to highlight the blocked periods, check the box “Gesperrte Zeiträume nicht hervorheben” (Do not highlight blocked periods) and then copy the link. The parameter “skip_block_css=1” will be added to the URL. This ensures that blocked periods are still displayed in red in the allocation plan.

For technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to additionally set the colour blue if a channel manager is active at the same time.

Attention: Wherever you have saved this link so far (e.g. as a bookmark), it must then be changed manually and saved again.