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Database Server: backup settings

When using Lodgit Desk in database server mode, the automatic backup feature of Lodgit Desk DOES NOT work. The backups have to be made by the database server itself and have to be defined manually.

The backup settings for the database server can be defined with the admin tool cubeSQLAdmin.

1. Create backup schedules

To utilize the server’s backup feature, you will have to create a backup schedule. To do that, go to “Advanced > Schedules” within the tool cubeSQLAdmin.

Here you can create a backup schedule for a certain time of day during the selected weekdays (e.g. every day at 3PM; see screenshot for setting). Create at least one daily backup schedule for a time when the computer with the server is always (or at least most always) running. Make sure to check the box that says “Schedule Enabled”. You can, of course, create several different schedules for different times of the day: in our example, we have created one schedule for 11AM and one for 3PM; more backups mean more data security.

Since more backups mean more data security, we recommend to backup your files every hour. That means you’ll have to create a backup schedule for every hour.

2. Link backup schedules to a database

After you have created your backup schedules, go to “Server > Databases”. Here you’ll find the Lodgit Desk databases you uploaded to the server when you first connected to it via Lodgit Desk. Select the work database named “Lodgit Database.lxdb”. Then, in the menubar, go to “Server > Manage Schedules…”.

Select your schedule in the drop down list and then press the “Add” button. This will link the schedule to the database and make sure that the backup is created at the set time. Every schedule you created has to be linked manually to the database.

Schedules that are not linked to the database will NOT be run. Please make sure that your created schedules are linked to the Lodgit Desk database.

Location of server backup files

You can find the locations of your database, backup files, etc. in the tab Settings:

Restore from backup

Should you ever need to restore your database from a backup, you can do so in the tab Backup.

Make sure that you have quit all Lodgit Desk installations before restoring from a backup file!

1. First check whether the database “Lodgit Database.lxdb” is selected. If it wasn’t automatically selected, choose it manually from the drop down menu in the upper left area.

2. Press the button “Show Backups” in the right upper corner. This will show all backups available on the server for this database. Each backup is marked with a time stamp:
20130527_130008 means the backup is from May 27 2013, 1PM

3. Select the backup you want to restore and then press the button “Restore Backup”.

After you have restored the database from a backup, you may have to activate the license.