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Status message: “Not authorised”

The status message of the TSE “Not authorised” can be caused if programs which access the TSE (e.g. a cash register or an antivirus program) are not terminated properly before you put your computer or your laptop into sleep mode. In the case of a laptop, for example, this happens if you just close it and don’t shut it down properly. As the name might suggest, this error message has nothing to do with missing or wrong login data, but this is an internal error of Epson.

If you are using a Windows computer, you should make sure that the “Quick Start” function is not activated in the system settings. If this is the case, you should disable it urgently.

In the following screenshot you can see where to find this function in your system settings. The check mark at “Enable quick start” must be unticked.

If the error message “Not authorised” occurs, the TSE is no longer fully functional.

The following operations are then no longer possible with the TSE:

  • – Changes to a booking are not signed
  • – Invoice data is not signed
  • – Document data is not signed
  • – all functions in expert mode, for which you have to log in (except “functions without login”)

The error becomes apparent the first time that data has to be written to the TSE or when you want to read data from the TSE memory (e.g. all admin functions). It’s still possible to retrieve the TSE information under Settings in Lodgit Desk if there is no error message after switching the TSE on/off.

To fix the problem, proceed as follows:

  • TSE self-test
    1. Go to the expert mode in Lodgit Desk under Administration > Additional modules > KassenSichV TSE.2. Unlock the functions in the expert mode by clicking the “Use” button.3. Click on “Functions without login” and select the “Perform TSE self-test” function in the drop-down menu.If this is not successful, please proceed as described in the next step;
  • Quit Lodgit Desk and restart computer 

    If this is also unsuccessful, restart your TSE.
  • Restarting the TSE

    1. USB-Stick:
    – Eject the USB stick properly and then insert it again. Wait until the USB stick stops flashing. Only then is it ready for operation again.

    2. Receipt printer:
    – Turn off the receipt printer using the on/off switch and wait until it stops blinking and shuts down completely.
    – Then switch the receipt printer on again and wait until it has started up completely. An automatic receipt printout should take place. After about 20 seconds, the TSE is ready for use again.

    3. TSE-Server:
    – Log in to the web interface of your server.
    – In it, go to the “Administration” menu item and click “Restart”.

If you have restarted your TSE, you can perform the operation again by clicking on “Repeat” in the TSE transaction window. Please note that this is only possible when the TSE is restarted. When you exit Lodgit Desk, the window will close automatically. And to be able to run the self-test, you need to close the TSE transaction window first. In both cases, the transaction will not be repeated afterwards.