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About Lodgit Desk


Lodgit Desk is a reservation and booking software that helps manage any and all accommodation services. It will make it much easier for you to manage accommodations in hotels, guest houses, apartments, holiday homes and more. The time you’ll save when using this program can then be dedicated to your guests and your success. Lodgit Desk’s low price makes it especially interesting for smaller accommodation establishments that simply couldn’t afford such a program until now.

Larger accommodation services such as hotels, apartment buildings, holiday parks, camp grounds, youth hostels etc. really appreciate the ability to adjust everything in Lodgit Desk. The SQL database allows for them to add as many units and objects as their computer system will allow*.

The easy to use reservation schedule in Lodgit Desk will let you create bookings, manage units and guests, create and print invoices and manage special pricing for the new season without any hassle.

You can also utilise the optional online booking system that will enable you to receive bookings online through your own website. The Lodgit Online Booking System can synchronise with your local Lodgit Desk program regularly, so that your guests will know whether you have any vacancies available and book those right away. In case there aren’t any vacancies for the time frame the guest has selected, there’s a booking calendar that will show when other vacancies are available.

The most important features of Lodgit Desk:

  • Graphical overview over all the rentable units and objects and their occupancy (reservation schedule)
  • Quick search for vacancies by date
  • Compilation of single and group reservations in the reservation schedule
  • Object management (e.g. several houses and their rooms etc.)
  • Guest management (single person, companies and groups)
  • Create offers, booking confirmations and invoices
  • Create different prices for certain time frames (e.g. seasonal prices, fair prices etc.)
  • Accept and bill deposits
  • Manage extras and services of any kind (incl. different tax rates)
  • Packages for special offers, arrangements etc.
  • Online booking system with automatic synchronisation (optional)

*This depends on the system of the computer (memory, processor etc.) which you have installed Lodgit Desk on and the license that was purchased.#

Release Notes

Latest release notes for 2023