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Create group reservation

Create group from single bookings

1. Select two or more bookings in the reservation schedule.

To select several bookings that are next to each other, drag your cursor over the bookings while holding down the mouse button.

If the bookings are not next to each other, select the first booking and then hold the SHIFT key while selecting the other bookings.

2. Right-click on one of the selected bookings and then select under Create Group Reservation With Main Contact the booking that you want to designate as the main booking for the reservation.

Important: This function is only available when the bookings can be displayed in the reservation schedule together! You can change how many days are displayed in the reservation schedule to show more bookings.

Select two or more bookings and then go to Bookings > Create Group Reservation With Main Contact and select the booking that you want to designate as the main booking of the group reservation.

This will put the selected bookings in a group and one main contact will be specified. The main contact for the group reservation depends on which booking is the main booking of the group reservation.

Tip: If you want to create a collective invoice for bookings of different rental units and booking periods, use the possibility of creating a group reservation in the reservation schedule.

Create with Booking Assistant

You can quickly generate a large group booking in which all bookings are in the same time frame by using the booking assistant.

The Group Booking

The main booking of a group reservation will be displayed with a small dot in the upper left corner.

After the bookings have been put into a group, each booking will have the box next to Group Reservationchecked.

Under the Guests/Group item will list all other units for this group.

To open the booking window of a different booking belonging to the group, select it in the list and then press the magnifying glass button, or double-click on it.

Depending on the status that the bookings of the group have, you can create an offer, a confirmation or an invoicefor the group reservation. You have the option of splitting the invoice.

You can easily select all bookings of a group by selecting one booking and then using the context menu or the menu bar to go to Bookings > Select All Bookings In Group. This will then select all the bookings of the group reservation.

You also have the option to quickly open the booking window of the main booking by using the context menu or going to Bookings > Open Main Booking Of Group.