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Receiving Online payments

A guest can immediately pay online for a booking made in the Lodgit online booking system. Lodgit hotel software offers this service in cooperation with the online payment service Paypal.

You make the necessary settings for this in your personal account at

Within settings, select “Payment methods of the guest” in the drop-down menu next to Show.

For the payment via Paypal you have the following two options:

PayPal payment to your account

With this payment method, the guest will be sent a link on the confirmation page as well as in the confirmation email after the booking has been made. Via this link, the outstanding amount can be sent directly to your PayPal account. The guest also needs a PayPal account for this.

This payment method corresponds roughly to a payment by bank transfer: Here, too, you will receive the booking regardless of the payment made and must check the receipt of payment yourself.

To offer this payment method, you only need to enter your email address by which you registered your PayPal account.

Direct online payment via PayPal (Paypal PLUS)

With this option you can offer credit card payments or payments by direct debit in addition to the payment via the guest’s PayPal account. The guest does not need a PayPal account himself for the first two options. Paypal serves in this case only as an online payment service provider, whereby payments are collected before the booking is completed. This so-called Paypal PLUS option creates security, since no booking can be triggered without payment. In addition, you receive all payments clearly on the same account.

Setting up Paypal PLUS

Please note that for the Paypal PLUS option you must have a Paypal Business account. You can set this up on the Paypal Business website.

To link the online booking system of Lodgit with Paypal PLUS, you need two “access codes”, which you have to enter once in that field.

The required data “Client ID” and “Client Secret” can be found on Log in there with your PayPal business account and click on “My Apps & Credentials” in the left menu. Then switch to “Live” in the right part of the window and click on “Create New App”.

In the next step, you can assign any name for the new Application (App) for which you will receive “Client ID” and “Secret”. For example, enter “Online booking system”, “Ticketshop” or similar.

Then you will find an application (App) with this name in the list (here: Ticketshop). Click on it and you will get the required data. Copy the “Client ID” and paste it into the corresponding field in the settings of the Lodgit online booking system. The “Client Secret” will be displayed after you click on “Show”. Also copy this into the settings of your booking system.

Technically, all requirements are now met to accept payments via PayPal. Still set the appropriate checkmarks to enable credit card payment and/or direct debit. Finally, select availability and deposit options. Done!

Regarding the conditions (possible transaction fees, acceptance of credit card and direct debit, …) please contact PayPal directly to have your business account set up according to your wishes.