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Split a booking (move into another unit)

Should it become necessary to split a booking for a move into another unit, you can easily accomplish that in the reservation schedule.

The booking must be in the status OfferConfirmedBooked or Checked In, have a minimum duration of 2 nights and are not fixed in relation to the timeframe & rental unit for the Split option to become available.

To move a guest into another unit, click the button Split teilen in the reservation schedule. The cursor will now look like a pair of scissors.

Then click on the date of the booking split. 

This will open the window that lets you select a different unit.

Select the unit you want and then press OK.

The booking will now be handled as a group booking, with each booking in the respective unit.

After the move: 

Using the context menu, you can open each split booking, open the main booking of the group, select all bookings of the group or create an invoice.

Note: There are different modes (either “Standard” for hotel or “Special” for boarding house) for splitting accommodation costs, extra items as well as city tax, which can be selected in the booking settings of the occupancy plan