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Sliders, warnings and symbols


The scaling of the reservation schedule can be defined by using the sliders Schieberegler at the bottom and the right.



Assign Booking

If you use the additional module Online Systems or Channel Manager, an online booking may have been transferred to your local Lodgit Desk but could not be assigned to a rental unit. This can happen, for example, if a room is always available in a room category booked by the guest, but a room change would be necessary.

You will then see the following note in the lower right corner of your reservation schedule:

What do you have to do?

Please look in the booking list and filter there for >bookings without rentable unit.

Database malformed

If your database is malformed for any reason, you will see the following message in the lower right-hand corner of the reservation schedule:

What do you have to do?

Despite the problem you may still be able to use the database, so you can open, use and close Lodgit Desk as usual. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you immediately import an up-to-date backup. Please start with the latest backup. If the warning continues to appear after it has been imported, import the previously created (older) backup one by one until the warning no longer appears.

Show and hide symbols for units


2/3Number of beds (min/max)
Zu ReinigenThis unit needs to be cleaned.
RaucherSmoking is allowed in this unit.
Online buchbarThis unit can be synchronised with Lodgit Online Modules.

To show or hide those symbols, go to View > Columns and select the columns you want to show or deselect the ones you want to hide.

You can also click on the arrow next to “Units” which will open a drop down menu where you can do the same.

Change status of the symbols

You can also change the status of some of the symbols. That means for example that when a symbols says that a unit needs to be cleaned, you can change the status to “has been cleaned”. Right-click on the symbol and the context menu will open. From there, you can then decide how to change the status.