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Additional Module EPOS Systems

If you want to send revenues from your gastronomy cash register system to Lodgit Desk and add them to the respective bookings there, we can offer you the additional module “EPOS Systems”. These service that were entered into your gastronomy register can be added as extras to an invoice. You can also analyse the revenue created by those extras under Lists > Extras List.

This module can be acquired for a small fee.

Unlock the module

To unlock the module go to
Windows: >Edit >Preferences >EPOS Systems
Mac OS X: >Lodgit Desk >Preferences >EPOS Systems

Please press “Purchase License Now” which will then forward you to the customer log-in area.

This is where you can access your personal area in the Lodgit website. You can do so by logging in with your personal username and password that you received when you registered for a Lodgit Desk user license.

After you have logged in, open the page “Additional Modules” where you should press the button “Apply” next to “EPOS Systems”. After that, you will receive a new license key from us that also unlocks the additional module.


The additional module EPOS Systems is constantly being improved and currently supports the following systems:

Standard (PROTEL-compatible)Supports software that work with PROTEL protocol
VectronEPOS Interface for Vectron systems
GastwareEPOS Interface for Gastware systems