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Overview of functions in expert mode

Functions without loginStorage informationReturns the data stored in the TSE.
 List of started transactionsReturns a list of started (incomplete*) transactions.
* Incomplete status is the status where FinishTransaction was not executed for a transaction started with StartTransaction.
 Response to the last transactionReturns the result of the last transaction stored in the TSE for each point of sale.
 Public key for the TSE signatureRequests the public key for the TSE signature.
Returns the certificate that can be used to verify the signatures of all log messages created by the TSE.
A PEM-data file is returned. This contains several certificates which are signed from the bottom (root certificate) to the top. The top entry is the TSE certificate.
 Perform TSE self-testPerforms a self-test of the TSE.After each power-up of the TSE, the self-test is required before you can work with the TSE again. The self-test checks if the internal module of the TSE is working properly.The printer automatically performs a self-test of the TSE each time it is turned on, so basically you do not need to perform the self-test manually. However, if the printer is used for 25 hours or more without being restarted, you must perform the self-test with this function every 25 hours.To determine the remaining time until the next required self-test – see “Time until next self-test” under “Functions without login > memory information”.The self-test takes about 120 seconds.
HOST functionsForgotten Admin PIN?Unlocks the PIN for admin permissions.If the PUK is blocked, the Admin PIN cannot be recovered. The only way to recover then is to replace the TSE.
 Forgot User PIN?Unlocks the PIN for user permissions.If the PUK is blocked, the User PIN cannot be recovered. The only way to recover then is to replace the TSE.
 Change PUKChanges the PUK.Please keep the PUK in a safe place.If the User PIN or Admin PIN is locked, you will need the PUK to reset the Admin PIN and User PIN.If the PUK is blocked, you will need to purchase a new TSE.
Admin-FunctionsAll registered points of saleReturns a list of sales points registered in the TSE.
 All registered points of saleReturns a list of logged in (authenticated) points of sale.
 Register this point of saleRegisters this point of sale for use in the TSE.The ID of this point of sale must be registered with the BSI. This is done by the accommodation provider.A total of 100 points of sale can be registered in the TSE. One ID is used from the printer.
Only points of sale that are registered in the TSE (German Fiscal Element) can be used for writing data to the TSE (transactions).
Only the following characters are allowed: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ‘()+,-./:=?
All names containing the word “EPSON” are reserved and cannot be used.If you select to store this point of sale ID in the Lodgit Desk database, then it will be used when sending transaction data to the TSE.
 Change Admin PINChanges the Admin PIN.Please keep the Admin PIN in a safe place.
 Register printer to the TSEMust be executed whenever the combination of TSE and printer has changed.
Internally registers the serial number of the printer as a user in the TSE.
 Security key of the TSETSE:
Registers the new security key on the TSE. The old security key of the TSE is overwritten.
The security key is required for authentication with the TSE and thus for all user, admin and host functions. This includes the functions available in this window as well as the saving of transactions (invoice data and document data) on the TSE.Database:
Do you want to store the security key in this database or do you always want to enter it together with the PIN?Please always keep the security key, regardless of whether you store it in this Lodgit Desk database, additionally in a safe place.
Without the correct security key, communication with the TSE is impossible.
The use of an incorrect security key can lead to permanent blocking of the TSE. In the event of permanent blocking, the TSE must be replaced.
 TSE UnlockSets the status of the TSE to “Unlocked”.If the TSE is locked, no data can be written to the TSE (transactions), nor is it possible to export data. In the “Locked” status, only “Admin tasks” are possible on the TSE.
 Reset export statusThis procedure clears the export status of the selected TSE.