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Print registration form

Lodgit Desk offers the option of creating and printing a common registration form as well as connecting to an electronic registration system of the municipality you belong to.

Please note: The electronic registration form is currently only available for German speaking systems.

1. Open the booking that you want to print a registration form for.

2. Go to the list item Guest/Group and select “Registration Form”.

3. You can choose between the “Common Registration Form” and “Electronic Registration Form”. Currently, the ‘Electronic Registration Systems’ we’re connected to, only cater to German-speaking countries, so you’ll most like be selecting the Common Registration Form. Then click the button “Create…” and a new window will open.

If the common registration form is to be numbered consecutively, please tick the checkbox >Display on the registration form form.

4. Select a registration template (default: general registration form) and the object that you have to create the registration form for. Now you can decide whether you want to create the form for a Single/Family, Travel Group, or whether you want to print out an empty registration form for your guests to fill out by themselves. You can also add notes to the registration form (e.g. a non-smoking policy the guest automatically agrees to when signing the form) and edit the arrival and departure dates.

5. You can then “Preview” or “Print” the form by pressing the respective buttons or cancel the process by pressing “Close”.

Example: Print preview for the registration form