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Your first steps with Lodgit Desk Hotel Software

After you have thoroughly tried and tested all features of Lodgit Desk with the demo database, you will switch to the work database to begin entering your own data. The work database is completely empty which means that, now, you’ll be asking one very important question:

Where do I start?

We have designed our software to be intuitive and so there’s no wrong way to go about entering your data. But, of course, the procedure can be done a lot faster if you know where to start. That’s why we created this step by step guide on the fastest way to enter your data and set up the system so that you can get started with Lodgit Desk as soon as possible.

Software Activation

If you want to set up your working database after you’ve purchased a full license, the first step is to activate your software.

Important: You can set up the work database while you’re still on your trial because all data will be preserved when you switch to a full license. If that’s the case for you, you can skip this step now and go straight ahead to the Preferences.

  1. Follow the activation link in the confirmation email we sent you. It will take you to our website where you have to select a username and password for yourself.
  2. Using this username and password, you can log into your account on After you’ve logged in, you’ll find your license information on the first page.
  3. Open Lodgit Desk. If the window Software Activation doesn’t open up on its own, you can call it up by going to File > Software Activation.
  4. Copy the licensee and serial number from your account into the respective fields in Lodgit Desk. Then click the button Update License.


Before you can use Lodgit Desk, there are a few important preferences and setting you have to decide on first. To do that, go to Edit > Preferences, if you’re on Windows, or Lodgit Desk > Preferences, if you’re on a Mac.


Add the legal tax rates for your country by clicking the small plus-icon on the left below the last entry in the table. This will add a new line in which you can type a description as well as the tax rate in %.

Currency / Payment methods

Select your country’s currency. While the default is set to Euro, you can select any other currency in the drop down menu. The selected currency will be displayed everywhere in the software and printed on all documents (offers, confirmations, invoices). You can also set up a number of additional currencies in which an invoice total can be converted additionally. 

In the preferences section “Payment methods” you can add custom payment methods if the preset ones don’t fit your needs. To do that you simply click the plus icon on the left below the last entry in the table of payment methods as well and edit the respective fields by clicking in them once to select them and clicking them a second time in order to edit them. 


Enter your offer, confirmation and invoice numbering templates and the last number used. You can enter as many numbering templates as you like, or just edit the default one.

Those were the most important preferences. Lodgit Desk offers lots of other preferences as well, but these can be set at any later time as well.

Object Management

Now you can enter the data of your current object(s) and the respective rentable units. To do that, go to Administration > Objects or press the Objects button in the main window.


First you’ll have to create an object. This contains all the information about your business, such as address and type of your object, times for arrivals and departures, child discounts and a short description. This is where you can select one of the numbering templates you have created before.

If you have more than one object, you can add them here separately and then use them with different letter and numbering templates!

Rentable Units

After you have created an object, you can add rentable units to it. Some information is mandatory to add a unit, such as price and price unit, room type and minimum and maximum number of beds. You will also have to select one of the tax rates (the one for accommodations) you have created before.

After you have created all your rentable units, you’ll be able to immediately see them in the reservation schedule. This means you can now start drawing in bookingsenter extra services and packages into the database, import your guest data, etc.

Did you know…? (Optional Stuff)

Here, we’ll list a few more options that you might find useful for your day to day business.

Price Management

You can manage seasonal prices by going to Administration > Prices or pressing the Prices button in the main window.

Remember that you can edit each booking’s price individually, too!

Letter Layout

In the preferences you can adjust the letter layout (letter head and letter foot) to your liking. You’re managing more than one object that have nothing to do with each other? You can also save several layouts and then use them individually for each object. The respective setting can be found in the preferences of each object.

Online Modules

Did you purchase the use of our online modules? Then you need to activate your units for synchronisation in the preferences and the object management.

Guest Settings

Default settings for a new guest, such as home country and language, can be adjusted in the preferences. Here, you can also decide if you want to be reminded of your guests’ birthdays so that you can send a letter or email with your best wishes.

Still have questions?

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  • You can find more information about our hotel software on our website.

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