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Check In List

In Lodgit Desk you can get a detailed evaluation of all arriving guests for a certain period using the check-in list. For individual bookings, you can create registration forms by right-clicking. In addition, you can send e-mails and serial letters to several guests as well as print and export the list.

1. Go to Lists > Check In List in the menu bar. This will open the window Check In List.

2. Select the time frame for which you want to do the analysis. You have two options on how to do that:

  • The free time frame, that you can define over the starting and ending date using the two calendars and
  • the limited time frame that you can define using the drop down menu and selecting a month, quarter, six-month-period or year.

3. On the right side you can decide whether the following additional information will be printed or not.

If you have organised your extras in groups in the Extras Management, you can select and analyse these as a group!

4. You can also restrict the analysis to only one object by selecting it in the crop down menu.

5. You can also restrict the analysis to certain booking status by selecting them in the drop down menu.

6. You can print this list by pressing the Print button. You can also Export the list as an Excel file and then save it on your computer.