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Edit functions of the reservation schedule

In the Preferences under Reservation Schedule > Colours, you can edit the colours for the reservation schedule and all booking status.

To edit the colours, double-click on the color field. This will open a window for color definition.

Select a color and then press OK.

To reset the standard colours (and transparency value), press Reset.

Further options

In the >Options tab you will find setting options for the sidebar, the guest list and the alignment of the reservation schedule.


Here you can also set which guests are displayed in the guest lists in the sidebar.

Turning off these functions can increase the speed of Lodgit Desk. If your software runs slowly and you don’t need these features, it can be a good idea to turn them off.


Here you can set whether the date you are looking for or “Today” is displayed in the middle or on the left. If you choose the “Links” option, please enter the number of days to the left in the field on the right.

Functions of the booking statuses

Each booking status in Lodgit Desk allows for certain functions to be carried out or not. Some statuses, e.g. Checked Out, will prevent for the booking to be moved by default (see details about booking statuses here). In the Preferences you can block some features for other booking statuses as well:

If the box for a function is checked, it can be carried out for the corresponding status. Remove the checkmark, if you want to disallow moving, lengthening/shortening and/or deleting bookings in that status.

We recommend blocking certain functions for booking statuses if you’re afraid that you or your staff may accidentally change a booking through clicking and dragging.