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Show EPC QR code on invoices

You can now display a QR code with your bank details and payment information on an invoice. Your guests can easily scan the QR field with a banking app on their smartphone. Your guests can transfer the payment amount immediately without having to enter recipient details such as an IBAN.

In Lodgit Desk, we use the EPC QR code, which is valid for all European countries with the Euro currency. Customers in Switzerland cannot use this EU-standardized code.

You can set up the QR code in Lodgit Desk under Settings > Payment methods > EPC QR code

  1. Payment information: Enter your account and bank details in this field and name a reason for payment.
  2. Display of the QR code: You have various options for where and how the QR code should be displayed. Check the desired variant.
  3. Size of the QR code: Decide how large the QR code should be.

You can customize texts for the QR code in Lodgit Desk under Administration > Texts.

Example 1: QR code next to the recipient address

Example 2: QR code to the right of the explanatory text