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User Roles and Rights


Under User Roles, you can customize existing roles for your employees. Three areas are available to you:

  1. Here you can select an existing user role or create a new one and then customize it.
  2. For user management, the functionality of Lodgit Desk has been divided into four areas: settings, lists, guest functions and actions.
  3. For each of these four areas, individual functions can be specifically added or removed here.

Create A New User Role

To create a new role, first click on the PLUS icon. Now you can select a predefined role (e.g. Reception), which you can customize right away.

First, adjust the name of the user role: You can now rename the automatically created “Reception1” to “Reception Maria”, for example.

If you now click on one of the four areas (here: guest functions), a box will appear next to each of the individual functions in the gray box.

  • A blue check mark indicates that this user role has been given all access rights in this function group (here: bookings, correspondence).
  • A blue minus indicates that only certain functions can be accessed in this group (here: guest management).
  • If the box is empty, all access rights for this function group are currently denied (here: interfaces).

For your individual settings, first expand the function groups using the arrow next to the designation (here: Guest management). An overview of the individual functions or activities that you can assign to a user role appears. Finally, confirm your changes with Save.