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Transfer Lodgit database to a new computer

  1. First make sure that automatic synchronisation is deactivated on the old computer. You can find this setting under under “Administration”> “Synchronization and Online Modules”. If necessary, uncheck the box “Use this computer for automatic synchronisation”.
  2. The easiest way to find the file “Lodgit Database.lxdb” is via the menu command “Open database folder…”. within Lodgit Desk, which can be found under “File”.Please select the option “Open and Exit” in the window that opens, so that the program Lodgit Desk is closed before copying the file. Otherwise there is a risk of data loss!
  3. Copy the file “Lodgit Database.lxdb” to a storage medium (USB stick or similar).
  4. Install Lodgit Desk on your new computer by downloading the program again and then running the installer.
  5. Start Lodgit Desk on the new computer so that a new work database is created there.
  6. Execute the menu command “Open database folder…” on the new computer within Lodgit Desk again and then close Lodgit Desk.
  7. Replace the file “Lodgit Database.lxdb” on the new computer by the file of the same name on your storage medium, which must of course be connected to the new computer. 

Your program settings are stored in the database since version 1.8.x and therefore do not have to be entered again on the new computer!