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Preferences for letter layout

In the Preferences under Letter Layout you can select what kind of stationary you will use:

  • blank paper
  • pre-printed stationary

If you’re using pre-printed stationary for all of your correspondence, please enter the height of the footer and header in millimetres.

Blank paper

For using blank paper when printing correspondence, select:

Now you can design your header (as text or with an image).

Create letterhead with an image

To add your company’s logo into the letterhead, click the magnifying glass and select the file that is your logo. Your logo will show below the field for you to preview. You also have the option to align your logo on the left side, right side or the center of your paper.

If you want your logo to be printed on all pages, check the box that says so.

The image has a maximum dimension of 1400 x 2000px. You may scale it to adjust the size it is printed as. Lodgit Desk prints at 72dpi.

Create letterhead as text

You can also create your letterhead using the text formatting menu. You can change the font size, family, style and colour of the text to create a logo of your choosing. You can align the text (left, right, center) by using the tab-key.

You can also choose if you want to print this letterhead on all pages (default settings only print it on the first page) and if you want to dismiss the header height limit.

Using the header height limit helps make sure that the recipient’s address is placed perfectly for the use of window envelopes. You should only dismiss it if you don’t use window envelopes.

If you want to print your return address as well and are using window envelopes, check the box that allows this.

Design letter footer

1. If you want to change the footer of your letters, click Footer and enter the data.

2. Edit the font size and family like you would in any other text editing program.

3. If you want to edit the font colour, click on the colour button. This will open a new window where you can select the colour and then press OK.

4. After you have finished your settings for the letter, you can preview them by pressing the button Preview Layout.

Settings for address field

If you want to change the setting for the address field, go to the tab Address Field.

Here, you can decide whether the address field is to be printed on the left or the right side of the page, if there should be any additional space between the page margin and the address field, how wide the address field is and if there is to be additional blank lines between the field and the letter content.